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The family business is, and often remains, a primary source of financial security.

Holly Street Wealth Advisors can help you develop a business succession strategy that meets the needs of family stakeholders throughout the generations. We offer comprehensive transition planning for those wanting to move from active ownership and management to passive ownership.

As part of these services we may provide:

  • Exit strategies for the majority stakeholders of a business
  • Incentive planning for senior management
  • Pre-sale preparation services
  • Assistance in identifying and training succession leadership
  • Planning services for key stakeholders to maximize overall after tax gains

How Can We Help You?

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If a family business is to continue, it is vital to consider the goals, talents and expectations of other stakeholders. As a neutral advisor, Holly Street Wealth Advisors can help you realistically evaluate the business skills, experience and desires of potential successors to make the most advantageous decisions.

The members of our Family Enterprise are focused on both the family business and the business of the family.

Our Family Enterprise Services

For many the family business is, and often remains, the economic engine that fuels the financial security of many generations.

Some of the issues you can get answers to are:

  • Succession and transition of business leadership
  • Meeting the needs and expectations of family stakeholders through succeeding generations
  • Preparing the wealth creator for life after the business has been sold or transitioned to other leadership
  • Our concern extends to the family’s economic success and each individual family member’s emotional well-being as well as the capacity to function as a successful social enterprise.

We understand the challenges and responsibilities involved in:

  • Raising strong families who deal appropriately with financial success
  • Passing important values down to children and grandchildren
  • Responding to differences within and between generations
  • Contending with social pressure and the expectations of others

Our Family Office Services

Many families today feel that they would benefit by establishing a family office. Holly Street Wealth Advisors offers a range of family office services that allow you to:

Consolidate your investment and financial information
Develop a complete tax compliance strategy
Access to advanced bill pay services

Our services relieve family offices of the necessary costs associated with a family office, such as rent, salaries, taxes, benefits, equipment and technology. Additionally, many family offices must buy and learn to use expensive software and pay large fees for customization only to learn that it is difficult to access the information needed to make informed decisions. Holly Street Wealth Advisor’s professionally trained staff assists your family office by satisfying each family’s individual requirements. You benefit by freeing up significant personal time while receiving consistent reporting and saving money.

As your family office we provide:

Investment Services

These services are provided and designed to assist in achieving your investment objectives while managing your risks.

Insurance Policy Reviews

We review your risks and current coverage as well as your premiums and financial ratings of the companies providing life, health, disability, property, casualty and liability insurance to you. We provide a summary and make appropriate recommendations.

Expert Tax Planning

We review and guide family members in planning to mitigate family tax liabilities and coordinate with your tax professional the preparation of the annual tax returns.

Information Reporting

Through our accounting programs we maintain the financial records for the family while providing specialized reports tailored to the family members’ needs on an agreed upon frequency.

Bill Pay and Payroll Service

We streamline and simplify payments processing We organize and execute your entire payroll function. Paycheck calculations, instant checks, direct deposit, withholding calculations, taxes and state and federal filings can be arranged.

Our Business Advisory Services

Employee and Executive Retirement Planning

Open Architecture Platforms | Support for plan sponsors and participants | Competitive Pricing

Business Investment Accounts

Corporate investment accounts | High Yielding Savings accounts

Executive Retention Planning

Executive deferred compensation | Safe Harbor Plans

Exit Planning

ESOP Planning | Investment banking relationships

Our Life Transition Services

Life often requires adjustments to be made. Holly Street Wealth Advisors is here to provide you with support and to help you navigate through all of life’s transitions, both planned and unplanned, so that you can focus on what is important and have confidence that you have a team standing behind you to advocate your financial readiness.